Ron Keren, MD, MPH

Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Keren is a pediatric hospitalist and researcher who studies the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatments for common diseases of childhood, such as neonatal jaundice, influenza, and urinary tract infections. His research has been funded by NIH, AHRQ, CDC, as well as other foundation grants. He is currently the principal investigator on three R01 grants including a multi-center randomized controlled trial of antibiotic prophylaxis for children with VUR (RIVUR study), a prospective cohort study of children with history of urinary tract infection but no VUR (CUTIE study), and a project to merge clinical and administrative data from six large children's hospitals for the performance of comparative effectiveness research (PROSPECT).

Dr. Keren studies the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of treatments for common problems in general pediatrics, i.e. prediction and prevention of newborn hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus, the therapeutic and radiological management of children with urinary tract infections (UTIs) and the epidemiology and economics of influenza.